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March 2013

cromox catalogue 2013

The new cromox – catalogue appeared!

We have completely advanced our stainless steel product range and raised a big part up to quality Grade 60. Furthermore you will find new products e.g. the specially designed Swivel Hook, which is only available at Ketten Wälder.


May 2012

cromox Swivel Load Hooks

Ketten Wälder is extending its CROMOX-Series. New in our programme - a swivel load hook, fulfilling the highest demands. Its most important features:

  • rotatable at full load,
  • made of 1.4462/AISI318LN, the bearings are made of 1.4125/AISI440C,
  • for a price of € 214,-- and so with an an excellent price/performance ratio.

It is available for the chain sizes 6, 6.3 and 7mm. Due to its rotation at full load, you can make total use of the chain’s working load limit.

„With this new development we are consequently pursueing extension of our CROMOX programme. Furthermore we are constantly working on developments of other innovations,“ according to Franz Wälder, our General Manager. And he continues: „by using CROMOX-Products our clients are relying on a sustainable product-line, whose basic components are being manufactured in Germany at utmost quality.“

Top Mark of Credit Rating

The independent rating agency Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH has awarded Ketten-Wälder for its excellent credit worthiness with the top mark of credit rating.

As part of certifying „Top-Business-Partners“ Ketten-Wälder belongs to 4,4 % of German companies being able to display a rating of 1!


November 2011

Ketten Wälder on n-tv

The television channel n-tv shows a series of reports about innovative companies in Germany. The contribution about Ketten Wälder will be shown on 14. November 2011, 7:53 p.m.

New catalogue 2012

The new catalogue for our grade 80 products is coming. Within the next weeks you will receive the new issue containing the categories:
• Lifting
• Lashing
• Forestry
• Conveying
• Agriculture
Also new is our included pricelist for a transparent pricing. Please take note of the new buying conditions which are valid from 01. January 2012 on.
If you don’t receive it automatically, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Special sale for forestry products

We can offer to you the square steel chain 10 mm, grade 100 as assembled forestry chains, primarily with lengths of 2 m to 2,5 m, with very good conditions. Only while stocks last.

Send us your inquiry!

Mai 2011

Certificate for clean electricity

Ketten Wälder is using 100 % electricity from Hydropower since beginning of this year

As energy-intensive industry and because of responsibility for our environment we deliberately have chosen a power supplier that offers a clean tariff as well for commercial users.

We manufacture in one of Germany’s most beautiful areas – the Chiemgau. To preserve its beauty, we are using electricity from hydropower – a clean way to produce electricity. As we have distinct consumption peaks, it is also essential to us, having a power supplier who can adjust flexibly to our demand. And for this purpose hydropower is the perfect technology.

At Ketten Wälder you not only get chains at utmost quality, but they are being manufactured environmentally friendly.


März 2010


Stainless-steel shackles for even more safety!

Open to new ideas and interested in users’ increasing safety awareness, Ketten Wälder has expanded its CROMOX® programme of stainless-steel chains to include the “NSS”-type safety shackles.

Uncertified stainless-steel shackles, mostly made using the lost wax casting method, which may break under load without any warning – that is what you will not find in the Cromox range of sling devices.

Tried and tested for years, the NSA-type CROMOX stainless-steel D shackles are conspicuous by the following features:

  • forged design
  • tested with 2.5-fold capacity load   (standard requirement = 2-fold)
  • a safety factor of 1:4 against breaking
  • a reinforced bolt
  • precisely fitting thread
  • marking of code, CE, load-bearing capacity and manufacturer identification on both the bow and the bolt
  • with test certificate

The new NSS shackle type, available as of now, is based on the same principles as the NSA, but has been enhanced with an extended bolt provided with a hole and safety split pin. This additional safety feature will prevent the bolt from falling out even if it becomes loose. The NSS is therefore recommended in particular for applications with extreme vibrations, such as when lifting submersible pumps or mixers.
CROMOX offers reliability in every respect, as Ketten Wälder assumes product liability for the entire CROMOX programme.

For further information and prices, please phone +49 (0) 80 53 - 20 29 - 10


Februar 2010

cromox enormously strong – now also for lifting small loads

Ketten Wälder has filled a gap in the market:

As of now, users no longer need to rely on untested Far-East products, which can be really dangerous to operate: For the Ketten Wälder company has extended its "CROMOX®" stainless-steel chain programme downwards!

The new "Type NOHF 04" stainless-steel eye hook is now available. Despite its extremely small design, it offers everything that a load hook must have:

Marking including type and manufacturer identification, traceability code, CE, grade and size.

The NOHF 04 hook has a throat opening as large as 20 mm, and a certified maximum lifting capacity of 300 kg. Only by using the high-quality Duplex 1.4462 (AISI 318 LN) stainless-steel material has it been possible to achieve this enormous lifting capacity with these small dimensions. CROMOX thus now offers a universally usable stainless-steel eye-type load hook, which can also be welded or pressed into chain or rope slings.

So now if relatively small loads need to be lifted in fields such as the chemical and oil industry, water and wastewater management, the environmental industry and the food industry, CROMOX by Ketten Wälder provides reliable help.

For further information and prices, please phone +49 (0) 80 53 - 20 29-10


27th April 2007

Relaunch of Ketten Wälder’s Online Appearance

The renowned Upper-Bavarian manufacturer of quality chains offers customers worldwide still more information via direct access.

As of 27th April 2007, with a completely revised internet appearance, Ketten Wälder has started to make more extensive use of the internet. "We are high in demand worldwide to help customers find tangible while at the same time highly innovative solutions in the field of chain-making technology. With our new internet appearance, we want to be still closer to our customers both in Germany and beyond its borders." In addition to detailed information about trade-specific solutions, visitors will find valuable tips for free as well as a comprehensive product overview with various download options.



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