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Quality Made in Germany – Purchasing

Anyone who produces quality must purchase premium raw materials. That is why we have been working with experienced and flexible local and foreign steel producers for many years. This guarantees good processability and eventually good end products. As our customers expect professionalism and availability also in the handling of the purchasing process, we are particularly careful to ensure that logistics is organised in an environment-friendly way in order to conserve natural resources.

And we keep challenging our suppliers on a continuous basis. The composition of materials must satisfy high demands as to reliability and flexibility, as innovation to us is a matter of method. The close contact with application in practice constantly produces new ideas for products and materials, which we consistently put into practice. The latest example of an innovative product of ours is the Cromox material, which reflects the concentrated experience of almost 60 years in the production of chains in our company which has been translated into a highly attractive new range of products.

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