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Quality Made in Germany – Production

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The production of high-quality Wälder chains from raw materials such as steel is a complex and fascinating process. All the individual steps are precisely timed and coordinated. To start with, the raw material, present in different grades and dimensions, is lifted onto an arbor. The predrawing machine then draws the material until it has exactly the required diameter, and after that individual chain links are formed in the chain link bending machine – link after link is neatly bent into shape and joined to the chain being made.

In the next manufacturing station, modern welding machines complete each individual link. Along the way, the upsetting pressure and current flow are measured, which are important parameters for ensuring the quality of the final product. In the next step, the material fully automatically gets important information stamped onto it. At this point, the chains receive the well-known “Wälder“ emblem, but also other details such as the grade or the traceability code.

Then comes the hardening and tempering of the chains, before the material moves on to the calibration machine to be brought to its exact measurements. During this process, the minimum test force is applied to verify compliance. The production process is now almost finished.

Last but not least, the chains receive a surface treatment to give them their final appearance. Depending on requirements, Wälder chains are bright-finished, environmentally friendly lacquered, or electrogalvanized. We have developed our own galvanizing process to guarantee the prevention of hydrogen embrittlement.

Steel, wire rod, pre-drawing, bending chains, chain bending machine, chain links, link chain, measuring upsetting pressure and current flow


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