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Quality Made in Germany – Quality Control

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During the entire production process, our products as well as the processes involved are strictly monitored and constantly examined for possible improvements. For mere inspection is not enough to assure quality – only perfect processes will result in high-quality products. As part of this we immediately register even the smallest deviations in the quality of materials or in the flow of production and restore the desired state without delay.

It is important to us that you can rely on the quality of our products. And that is exactly what we have designed our processes for – from purchasing to consulting, from production to quality control. Forged products from our suppliers are subject to the same strict quality inspections as our own products. Our suppliers – e.g. medium-sized forging companies – have undertaken to observe high quality standards already during their production processes. For products made by Ketten Wälder stand for the best quality and safety standards to be found in the chain-making industry. And we vouch for that with our good name.

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