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Our Assets – Our Land

The Chiemgau area is one of the most attractive holiday regions in Germany. Here is where Bavarian culture can be experienced at its best, according to our local motto, “Live and let live.“ Whoever now thinks to notice a certain rootedness in us is perfectly right – such rootedness is, however, associated with sophisticated technical competence and openness. It is not without good reason that our pre-alpine region is home to many successful suppliers of high technology. Just the right environment, as it were, to develop innovative high-tech products which find their market worldwide. To our employees also, the Chiemgau area offers the best of living, working, and free-time conditions. And that makes life a real pleasure.


Ketten Wälder GmbH
Im Gewerbegebiet 5
D-83093 Bad Endorf


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Safety instructions on sling chains, ratchet tighteners, lashing chains, forestry