Material Specification

Corrosion Resistance

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Material specification, corrosion resistance and chain summary

Please refer to the material specification, information about corrosion resistance, and the chain summary in the catalogue below.

Terms of Delivery and Payment

Deliveries will only be made on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions (GTC). The prices in euros listed in the catalogue do not include VAT or packaging costs. Delivery will be ex works. Minimum order value: € 100.00. If the order value is less than € 200.00, a minimum quantity surcharge of € 20.00 will be applied. Third countries: for orders under € 500.00, there will be a surcharge of € 50.00. Discount information, net prices and payment terms are available on request.

Other notes and conditions

All dimensions and weights stated in the catalogue have been determined on the basis of tests we have carried out, but serve only as non-binding guide values. We reserve the right to make price changes and technical modifications. Previous lists will no longer be valid when the current edition of the catalogue offered for download on this website is published. Reproduction of the catalogue of any kind, including excerpts, will only be permitted with the permission of Ketten Wälder GmbH.


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