Anchor Twister Original CATO

smooth-running ball head swivel - innovative quick-change system

Product benefits

  • Self-acting orientation of the anchor while hoisting
  • Applicable in fresh and salt water by use of Duplex steel AISI 318LN
  • Special design for adjustment to bow roller
  • Connection with a spherical head enables easy rotation of the anchor

cromox® Anchor Twister Original CATO, Grade 60 PLUS

AISI 318LN Duplex, tested, bright polished
Type Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg, approx.) Breaking force (kN)  
a b c d e
CATO 8 175 17 50 14 24 1,400 66,0  
CATO 10 260 25 63 20 30 3,800 104,0  
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