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Stainless-steel chains from cromox®

The stainless-steel chains made by Ketten Wälder GmbH are used in more than 50 countries. Their reliability with regard to all essential properties of high-quality lifting equipment can be traced back to 75 years of experience of a family-run company. On the one hand, this means a high degree of cooperation and reliability among the workforce, which has an impact on the sense of responsibility of every employee in production and the other departments.

On the other hand, high values have prevailed, both in terms of the attitude to one's own quality and the willingness to always develop new products. The company's own test laboratory forms the basis for the annual cromox® product developments, which have now resulted in more than 1,000 solutions in the field of slinging equipment. Corrosion-resistant stainless-steels and duplex alloys of grade G60+ are the best solution when it comes to high-quality stainless chain slings and their end fittings. These are accessories that prove their reliability under all circumstances.

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What are stainless chain slings?

chain slings, as a subgroup of round steel chains, are known by many different names. The terms chain slings or lifting chains already indicate their different areas of application. They play a major role wherever loads have to be lifted under variable conditions.

The chain slings represent the connection between a load-bearing device, e.g. the hoist, and a load. Chain slings are found in 1-leg, 2-leg, 3-leg or 4-leg designs to meet the various requirements of the loads. This results in another characteristic of chain slings. They are each connected with Suspension components and attachment parts as accessories to hook the stainless chain sling and each leg to a hoist such as the crane on the one hand, and to attach it to the load on the other hand.

For flexible use, chain slings are manufactured in a modular system, which allows, for example, the strand length to be shortened. Hooks such as fork hooks, fork safetyload hooks, simple master links or shackles are used as end fittings. The choice of the respective end fittings depends on the characteristics of the load to be lifted. Of course, all hooks or end fittings from the accessories of cromox® correspond in quality and material to the chain slings themselves.

Regulations and standards for stainless-steel chains as slings and lifting gear

Due to the possible danger to persons and goods, sling chains are subject to certain regulations and standards for their use. Chain slings and their load-bearing accessories must be tested for their load-bearing capacity and load-bearing capability and marked with the relevant markings at regular intervals. The testing of sling chains is carried out according to the frequency of use, frequency and load at regular intervals, the testing frequency is to be determined by the user according to certain criteria. The test procedures to be applied are defined by the relevant standards. As you can see from our graphics in the tables, the nominal thickness of the chain links in a strand is indicated by d, while the load capacity is indicated by t.

When a chain sling is offered as a 2-leg, 3-leg or 4-leg model, an essential aspect is added to the load capacity: the load capacity of the chain sling changes depending on the angle of inclination with which the legs deviate from the vertical. Therefore, we have indicated here the load capacity with the angles from 0°- 45° degrees and from 45°- 60° degrees. As a detail, it should be added that the links of a chain sling must be designed in such a way that the inner length of the chain link, the so-called pitch, may be up to a maximum of three times the nominal wire diameter. If the pitch of the chain is greater than 3 x the nominal wire diameter, such a chain may not be used as a sling chain.

Chain slings and grades

A distinction is made between chain slings as slings according to their respective quality class. The grade provides information about the load capacity and the temperature range in which the chain may be used. The pendants are shaped in a certain way and provide information about the respective quality class, e.g. the pendants of quality grade 50 are provided with a 5-cornered pendant and the pendants of quality grade 80 with an 8-cornered pendant. If this tag is missing, the sling chain must be removed from service immediately. Stainless steel sling chains are manufactured in grades 50 to 80.

Companies using sling chains as operating equipment must manage chains and the respective associated information in a chain file. Chain slings must be taken out of service if the following damage, wear or defects are present or if the specified conditions are not met:

  • A 5% internal elongation of the chain link due to wear.
  • 8% diameter reduction of the nominal wire diameter.
  • In the case of multi-leg chains, the legs must be of equal length.
  • No bending, deformation, necking or other damage to the surface must be visible on any part of the chain hanger.
  • The hooks must not show any deformation, the hook traps must not be beaked out.
  • All plaques and inscriptions must be clearly legible and traceable.

With stainless cromox® sling chains, these phenomena will not occur if they are used properly. The stainless-steels 1.4404 and 1.4462 Duplex meet the highest demands in terms of load capacity of the sling chains, even in adverse environmental conditions. Salt solutions, acids, alkalis or temperatures around 300° Celsius cannot harm the stainless sling chains from cromox®, we will be happy to advise you on this. In the description of the cromox® stainless round steel chains you will find in the last paragraph "Material stainless-steel 1.4404 / 1.4462" further explanations about the special material grades of the cromox® slings.

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