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Whatever concern or question you may have, or if you are interested in more detailed information on our product range, please feel free to approach us – we will be pleased to provide both answers and information to you.

Stainless steel chains or INOX chains (from French "inoxydable", in English "inoxydable" or "non-corrosive") from the cromox® product range are especially resistant against chemical corrosion and physical influences. Therefore, they are particularly suitable to be used as means of conveyance or application in unfavourable ambient/environmental conditions. Their great advantage is their extraordinary long service life and their broad area of application: industry, water supply, sewage disposal and, for application in the maritime sector, contact with seawater.

General questions

What are the advantages of an electropolished stainless steel chain?


Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process that refines surface quality.

In the electrochemical process, the total surface area is reduced through the elimination of surface roughness by means of a specially developed process. This results in superb corrosion resistance, excellent cleanability and an enhanced Chrome Dioxide layer thickness. The brilliant appearance of a mirror like surface is an additional bonus.

Are the materials and components certified?


All our lifting, lashing and load suspension products are individually tested and certified by the factory Quality Control team.

Do I receive a certificate when purchasing cromox® products?


Yes. A certificate is issued for every manufactured and tested cromox® product in grade 60.

Frequently asked questions in the LIFTING sector

What is the difference between welded sling chains and sling chains assembled from components?


When purchasing chain slings from cromox®, you can choose between slings assembled from components or slings that are fully welded assemblies from the factory. Components give shorter lead times, but this is offset by a slightly higher initial cost. Welded assemblies are a cost-effective option and allow easier inspection after prolonged use in aggressive media. However, welded assemblies will require a longer lead time prior to delivery.

Why are stainless grade 6 sling chains recommended?


Here, too, the significant importance of corrosion-resistant products/materials becomes once again evident. For instance, areas affected by pitting or rust reduce the load-bearing capacity and, for this reason, pose a safety risk.

Chain slings lift heavy and high-value goods. Guaranteeing safety, starting at the very beginning, i.e. with the development of cromox® lifting components, is our top priority. Compared to grade 5, cromox® grade 6 chain slings feature a higher load capacity at an equal weight.

Which sling chains are suitable for use in cleanrooms?


The elementary requirements for products to be used in cleanrooms are that they are both particle-free and pure. Stainless steels are predestined for this purpose, and may be used in a wide variety of applications.

Are there specially manufactured sling chains for cleanroom use?


Ketten Wälder GmbH offers key components for cleanroom applications in electropolished design. Products with this surface treatment are employed in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries as well as in the field of medical technology, among others.

What are the advantages of chain slings in electropolished design?


The advantages of electropolishing are smooth and shiny surfaces, metallic purity, optimum cleaning properties, the absence of particles, a considerably reduced surface inclination, significantly reduced gas emissions, a high corrosion resistance as well as reduced friction and consequently less wear.

Is an investment in a stainless steel chain hoist worthwhile?


With its innovative product novelty, Ketten Wälder GmbH has added another impressive article to its product range: the cromox® chain hoist, or cromox® CCH in short. Probably the most significant feature of this hoist, in terms of cleanroom application, is its exceptionally low particle emission, which is ensured by a unique design. Its exterior is made entirely of stainless, premium-quality steel. Furthermore, the CCH is equipped with a completely sealed brake and gear unit, which prevents particle emissions. And, to round off the overall package, the standard version of our cromox® CCH is combined with a rotatable hook mount as well as a load hook that may be rotated under full load to ensure maximum flexibility. And, last but not least, due to our 100% in-house production, we are able to offer best availability.

Is it possible to manufacture customized solutions?


The expert staff of Ketten Wälder GmbH will be very pleased to advise you according to and in line with the requirements of your special project.


Why do galvanized anchor chains contribute to the pollution of the oceans?


Zinc concentrations in seawater have reached an alarmingly high level, and this poses a serious threat to aquatic life as zinc produces acute toxicity.

Due to the fact that in the course of corrosion processes, very prevalent in and typical for galvanized anchor chains, substantial amounts of zinc are released into the oceans, this destructive development is driven on.

With our cromox® stainless steel anchor chains, however, we actively contribute to protecting marine life by uniting the aspects of exceptional durability with our philosophy of consistent environment-friendliness and sustainability.

Which material should my anchor chain be made of?


The correct choice, depending on the intended purpose, will dictate chain life and give you peace of mind when anchoring in adverse conditions.

cromox® stainless steel chains have a breaking force that is twice as high as regular galvanized steel chains. An added benefit is that the chains smooth surface helps prevent the formation of clusters inside the chain locker.

Stainless steels are generally regarded as seawater resistant with a PRE-value of at least 33. The cromox® Duplex material 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) has a PRE-value of 35 and is therefore seawater resistant up to 94 °F.

How long is the warranty for chain and components?


For anchor chains made of 1.4404 (AISI 316L), no warranty applies for use in salt water.

Ketten Wälder GmbH offers a 3 year warranty period against corrosion for its cromox® Duplex 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) chains with the electropolished finish and 2 years of warranty for cromox® Duplex chains with the bright polished finish. This warranty period comes into effect from the date of purchase.

I have heard that stainless steel chains also have problems with corrosion – is this true?


This is partly true.

The decisive factors are the material and the processing quality. The stainless steel selected should be suitable for the intended/specific application, e.g. ambient/water temperature. Inferior stainless steel, e.g. 1.4401/AISI 316, may corrode in warmer waters such as the Pacific or the Mediterranean.

Another decisive factor is the weld seam. In case of hand-welded seams, air inclusions can occur, which may then lead to corrosion.

Can stainless steel also be used at higher temperatures?


Yes, depending on the specific material and the duration of use/application, it may be used at higher temperatures as well. Please consider, however, that the load-bearing capacity of the components might also be reduced at higher temperatures.

MaterialGradeBreaking force
at 8 mm chain thickness (optimum value) (kN)
AISI 316L606323,10 - 28,5024 - 27,5 
AISI 318LN Duplex60+6630,85 - 38,0727,5 - 34,5 
AISI F255 Superduplex70+8037,00 - 44,00> 70 

What chain size do I need for my boat?


The different chain sizes also have different tensile and breaking forces. Consequently, the chain diameter depends on both the size and the weight of your boat.

Anchor weight (kg)Sail boatPower boatCatamaranChain (d/mm) 
 Weight (t)Length (feet)Weight (t)Length (feet)Weight (t)Length (feet)  
166,3356,9364,5316 - 8 
2714,64716,04810,5418 - 10 
4530,05832,96021,65110 - 12 
6043,06647,16831,05812 - 13 
130123,090135,09389,07814 - 16 
250400,0129438,0133290,011118 - 20 

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