cromox® stainless steel chain (inox): the right solution for every application

Thanks to their corrosion resistance and purity, cromox® chains are ideal for use in clean rooms, in the food industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in particularly aggressive, corrosion-prone environments (e.g. offshore applications, use in chemicals, alkalis and their vapours, etc.).

Corrosion resistance for your demanding applications

Our cromox® lifting systems are used wherever the highest demands have to be met in industrial environments when lifting and moving loads and corrosion resistance is required. Our industrial chains for hoists are examples by the use of outstanding stainless steel* or duplex alloys.

Our high-quality products with corresponding quality classes offer you safe handling as well as maximum load-bearing capacity and reliability in every area of application.

*Stainless steel or inox, from the French "inoxydable", meaning "non-corrosive" or "stainless".

We are a qualified member of the renowned professional association LEEA. Through this association, the safety of an entire industry and thus also our own standards are constantly driven forward.

All our products are tested in our in-house Lloyd's Register certified testing laboratory. According to international standards, with up to 160 tons load capacity.

Our cromox® products are produced in Germany and are international leaders in the field of stainless steel products. We ensure consistently high quality and technical solutions to the highest standards.

cromox® stainless steel chain

cromox® chain made of stainless steel (inox steel) impress with their long-lasting corrosion resistance, high strength values and load-bearing capacities. This makes them true all-rounders for a wide range of applications in food processing plants, the chemical industry and the medical sector. Thanks to their material grades, our chains are suitable for use in corrosive seawater, salty solutions, waste water, alkalis and acids..

cromox® Chain CK, Grade 60
similar to DIN 5687, AISI 316L, blasted

TypeWLL (t)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg, approx.) 
  dtb1 min.b2 max.  
CK 3*0,203145,012,50,170 
CK 40,404125,013,70,350 
CK 50,635156,318,50,540 
CK 60,906187,822,20,800 
CK 71,257219,125,91,100 
CK 81,5582410,429,61,400 
CK 102,45103013,037,02,200 
CK 133,85133916,948,13,800 
CK 16**6,00164820,859,25,700 
CX 18***8,00185424,364,87,300 
CX 22***11,00226629,579,210,900
CX 26***15,00267835,093,615,200

15% surcharge for bundles less than 20 m, 10% surcharge less than 50 m, optional surface treatment: electropolishing (price on request, not discountable)
*Factory standard, not marked
**Also available in AISI 318LN Duplex
***AISI 318LN Duplex

Aurox® Chain QK, Grade 80
similar to DIN 5687

TypeWLL (t)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg, approx.)
  dtb1 min.b2 max. 
QK 50,805156,318,50,540
QK 61,126187,822,20,800
QK 71,507219,125,91,100
QK 82,0082410,429,61,400
QK 103,15103013,037,02,200
QK 135,30133916,948,13,800

15% surcharge for bundles less than 20 m, 10% surcharge less than 50 m, optional surface treatment: electropolishing (price on request, not discountable)

cromox® Chain CDK, Grade 60
similar to DIN 766, AISI 316L, tested, calibrated, bright polished

TypeWLL (t)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg, approx.)Breaking force (kN) 
  dtb1 min.b2 max.   
CDK 40,40416,05,314,00,32016,0 
CDK 50,63518,56,017,00,50025,0 
CDK 60,90618,57,220,80,78036,0 
CDK 71,25722,08,423,81,10050,0 
CDK 81,55824,09,627,21,35062,0 
CDK 102,451028,012,036,02,25098,0 
CDK 133,851336,015,647,03,900154,0 
CDK 144,601441,016,850,04,400185,0 
CDK 166,001645,019,258,05,800240,0 
CDX 18* 8,00 18 50,0 21,665,07,400320,0
CDX 22*11,002264,027,683,011,000440,0
CDX 26*15,002673,031,294,015,000600,0


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cromox® hoist chain impresses with precision

Rely on tested cromox® hoist chain and benefit from advantages such as high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances for optimum chain running. Our industrial chains for hoists are characterised by the use of outstanding stainless steel and duplex alloys. Our hoist chain is the ideal solution for motorised and manual hoists.

cromox® conveyor chain: Durability thanks to high-quality material

Whether in the recycling, bulk goods or steel industry – our stainless steel conveyor chains impress under the toughest operating conditions thanks to their robust properties and long service life.

Our high-quality conveyor chains made of stainless steel are also used in the food and automotive industries. What requirements do you have? Talk to us – we will develop a customised conveyor chain for your application.

Application example of a conveyor chain in a cleaning system
Application example of a conveyor chain in a cleaning system
Application example of a conveyor chain in a cleaning system
Application example of a conveyor chain in a cleaning system

cromox® pump chains – rustproof and customisable

Our cromox® pump lifting chains made of high-quality stainless steel are specially designed for use in water extraction in sewage treatment plants and in well construction at waterworks. For gradual lowering or lifting of pumps and aeration equipment, the stainless chains made of high-strength stainless steel AISI 316L and AISI 318LN Duplex have enlarged suspension links at the beginning of the chain, at segment intervals and at the end. For special requirements, we also manufacture individual pump chains for your application.

cromox® stainless steel endless chains – rustproof and durable

The endless welded stainless steel chain slings are welded endless chains without a transition link for lifting loads. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steels, our endless chains can be used in corrosive environments and aggressive environmental conditions. For example, we also achieve a very high level of acid resistance through appropriate processing (such as electropolishing) of our stainless steels, so that the endless chains can be used in demanding environments, among other things.

cromox® Loop Chain CELK, Grade 60
AISI 316L, blasted

TypeWLL, vertical (t)WLL (t)WLL (t) 
CELK 4 0,800,450,30 
CELK 51,260,700,50 
CELK 61,801,000,70 
CELK 72,501,401,00 
CELK 83,101,701,20 
CELK 104,902,701,95 
CELK 137,704,303,05 
CELK 1612,006,604,80 
CELX 18*16,008,806,40
CELX 22*22,0012,108,80
CELX 26*30,0016,5012,00

*AISI 318LN Duplex
L = length 1.000 mm ≙ circumference 2.000 mm
In case of asymmetry, the values are to be reduced by 25 %. .

Ordering information:
Length L and surface finishes according to customer‘s request.
Also available in AISI 318LN.


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We will be happy to help you with any concerns.

Corrosion resistant high-quality chain solutions

Corrosion resistance contributes to longevity and ensures functionality in demanding environments. Harmful elements such as moisture, salt and chemicals can affect the material strength of the chain links and lead to a reduced life. The choice of the right material and the appropriate surface or further processing is crucial for corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel and certain alloys or treatments such as electropolishing offer excellent solutions here.

They also reduce maintenance requirements and the associated costs. Corrosion-resistant chains are ideal for applications in demanding industrial sectors such as heavy industry, maritime transport or the chemical industry. Investing in corrosion-resistant chain solutions pays off in many ways because they reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

High quality raw materials: a must for chain manufacturers

Quality is a decisive factor for us as a manufacturer of chains. This starts with the purchase of the highest quality stainless steel.

The manufacturing and processing process itself is just as important. State-of-the-art technology is used to ensure optimum performance and durability of the chains. Continuous quality controls during and after production are essential, as is the testing of the chains in our own Lloyd's Register-certified test laboratory. Certifications from independent testing organisations can also confirm the quality. Finally, customer service is another aspect that should not be neglected. After all, good service also contributes to overall quality and strengthens customer confidence in the manufacturer.


What are stainless steel chains?

Chains are link chains in which the chain links are joined together directly. They are used for lifting, conveying and lashing.

What are the advantages of stainless steel chain?

A stainless steel chain is rustproof and offers the following advantages:

  • Corrosion-resistant to acids, chemicals, salt, etc.
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Clean surface for optimum hygienic conditions and easy cleaning
  • Durable

What quality classes are there for chains?

Grade classes for chains play a decisive role in safety and reliability. Grade 60/Grade 60+ chains used for cromox® chains are characterised by the highest quality. Their advantages are excellent strength and increased load capacity compared to lower grades. These chains are ideal for demanding applications where safety and load capacity are of paramount importance.

At your side as a qualified partner

Our cromox® chain solutions are "Made in Germany", quality-tested in our own test laboratory and fulfil all common standards and quality classes depending on the application, for example analogous to DIN 766 / 5684 / 5687. In addition, we use our engineering and materials expertise to develop application-specific sling systems for you – precisely according to your specifications and application purposes.


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