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cromox® anchor chain and NAUTIC components

Anchor chains have been preferred to anchor ropes in shipping since the 19th century, because the anchor chain strengthens the anchor’s holding force due to its weight in contrast to the rope. In this way, the optimal position is held, even in rough seas and strong winds.

The anchor chain is therefore one of the most important safety-related items on board - whether on a yacht, catamaran, or sailing boat.

When it comes to the composition of materials, high seawater resistance and resistance to pitting therefore have to be the highest priority. We only use high-quality, carefully selected, stainless materials for our NAUTIC products: 1.4404, 1.4462 duplex and 1.4507 superduplex. Our chains made from 1.4462 duplex are suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater as well as at water temperatures above 30 °C.

The excellent quality of our chains and components has made us one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel anchor chains and nautical accessories such as stainless steel shackles. We are particularly proud of the excellent durability of our stainless anchor chain, which is continuously confirmed by both experienced sailors and accredited test laboratories.

Find the right anchor chain and length depending on the anchor weight, size and weight of your boat as well as the expected wind strength and average water depth. Ideally, the anchor chain should lie flat on the ground for several metres so that the tension on the anchor shaft runs parallel to the ground. In deep waters and stronger winds, a longer chain is required than in shallow ones. We are happy to mark your cromox® anchor chain with the name of your choice. The chain links are customized according to your specifications.

We will support you in choosing the correct new anchor chain with our many years of knowledge.

Invest in your safety – the correct anchor chain will stay with you for a lifetime.

Authorized Manufacturer
Proofing Establishment < 160 t

Stud Link Chain CXSL

cromox® Stud Link Chain CXSL, Grade 60 PLUS

AISI 318LN Duplex, measures acc. to ISO 1704, tested, calibrated, bright polished
Type Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg, approx.) Safe working load (kN) Breaking force (kN)
  d t b        
CXSL 14 14 56 50,4 5,00 97,50 195,0
CXSL 16 16 64 57,6 6,60 132,50 265,0
CXSL 18 18 72 64,8 8,50 170,00 340,0
CXSL 22 22 88 79,2 12,60 225,00 450,0
CXSL 26 26 104 93,6 17,20 320,00 640,0

15 % surcharge for bundles less than 20 m, 10 % surcharge less than 50 m, 3,90 Euro/kg surcharge for electropolishing (not discountable)


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