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cromox® Nautic components

Nautic components are designed to meet the toughest challenges on rough seas. In order to function flawlessly in fresh and salt water, as well as in water temperatures up to and in excess of 30 °C, it is essential to use the right materials for production. We use carefully selected, high quality stainless steel: 1.4404, 1.4462 Duplex and 1.4507 Super Duplex.

The outstanding durability of our chains and components has been proven in long-term tests, our collaborations with experienced sailors and ongoing in-house testing, including salt spray tests.

We place an emphasis on the highest quality, seawater resistance and resistance to pitting.

Our production and testing takes place in accordance with all relevant standards. The chain links are welded together using pressure resistance welding to ensure the best quality.

We are proud to have qualified as a Lloyd's Register Approved Manufacturer and conduct our tests up to 160 t under its guidelines as an accredited testing laboratory.

Authorized Manufacturer
Proofing Establishment <160

Our new cromox® NAUTIC products

cromox® Kenter shackle CKS

  • Solid, reusable connector
  • Easy to use
  • Very high corrosion resistance due to the finest material (Duplex 1.4462)

cromox® Pocket Wheel

Lift, move, transport

We manufacture customised pocket wheels, chain sprockets and guide wheels according to your specifications on our state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centres.

cromox® NAUTIC Catalogue

cromox® Highlights

Awarded Safe Anchor Test Winner by Boote (boat magazine) since 2008

Electropolished, customised, unique, versatile

Your anchor chain for the oceans

Enjoy life - finally

Anchor, secluded coves, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water – your yacht gently sways at the anchor.

The harness works

Lift anchor, sail, new horizons, impressions, change, drop anchor, release chain, anchor sets.

Time of your life

Clouds are rising, the sea is getting rough, storm.

cromox® – calm

Good that you have invested in the best anchor chain in the world to ensure your safety. Peace of mind for a lifetime.