360° rotatable swivel lifting points made of stainless-steel (inox) by cromox®

The 360° rotation of the swivel lifting points enables the attachment point to align in the direction of pull during the lifting process.

This achieves a maximum of flexibility. Swivel lifting points are therefore often used in multi-strand solutions, but also in many other application areas where this type of flexibility is required.

Complete view of the swivel lifting point
Swivel lifting point (swivel function)
Lateral view of the swivel lifting point
Complete view of the swivel lifting point
Swivel lifting point (swivel function)
Lateral view of the swivel lifting point

Rotatable swivel lifting points made of stainless-steel – flexibility and safety

A double joint makes our cromox® swivel lifting points 360° rotatable, thus enabling the ideal alignment to the chain sling. Twisting or knotting of load-bearing chains is prevented. This contributes to the increase in the efficiency of the work process. The high endurance and load capacity of the swivel lifting points as well as the 4-fold safety in all loading directions additionally increase the practicality as well as the reliable and constant quality of the product.

  • possibility of combination with CGS (cromox® clevis shackle) due to the flat spot integrated in the retaining bow
  • screw is securely retained
  • all parts 100% crack tested
  • type approved according to EN 1677-1
  • grade 60
  • very high corrosion resistance of all components [material: 1.4462 Duplex (AISI 318LN Duplex)]
  • load capacity from 0.5 to 10 t in standard range

We are a qualified member of the renowned professional association LEEA. Through this association, the safety of an entire industry and thus also our own standards are constantly driven forward.

All our products are tested in our in-house Lloyd's Register certified testing laboratory. According to international standards, with up to 160 tons load capacity.

Our cromox® products are produced in Germany and are international leaders in the field of stainless steel products. We ensure consistently high quality and technical solutions to the highest standards.

cromox® Swivel Lifting Points CDAW, Grade 60
AISI 318LN Duplex

TypeWLL (t)Dimensions (mm)ThreadThread length*Weight (kg, approx.) Swivel Lifting Point, Grade 60, AISI 318LN, by cromox®
CDAW 05 0,50 66 42 31,0 16,5 11,0 100 M 10 15 0,500 
CDAW 11,00664231,016,511,0100M 14200,500 
CDAW 2 2,00 100 50 53,5 26,0 20,5 127 M 20 30 1,770Swivel Lifting Point, Grade 60, AISI 318LN, by cromox®
CDAW 33,001005053,526,020,5127M 27401,840
CDAW 55,001206064,031,526,0146M 36543,500
CDAW 88,001508580,538,530,0180M 42626,550
CDAW 1010,001719892,544,035,0207M 48729,620

*Special lengths on request.


Stainless-steel guarantees quality and safety

The positive properties of stainless-steel, also called inox steel (from French "inoxydable", in English "inoxydable" or "non-corrosive"), such as strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance, are of great importance for high-quality swivel lifting points. Stainless-steel swivel lifting points are mainly used in many industries. They serve to safely hold loads while allowing a 360° rotation and thus maximum flexibility with high and reliable load capacity.

Specifically, the resistance of stainless-steel to the damaging effects of salt, water, and other corrosive substances makes this material ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions. Even under extreme heat and cold conditions, the corrosion-resistant stainless-steel never loses its strength and performance, which is also crucial for the load capacity.

Swivel lifting points with 360° radius

A 360° rotatable swivel lifting point is a special product within the portfolio of lifting equipment. It can rotate and swivel in any direction, enabling maximum flexibility, safety, and efficiency in lifting and moving loads. Moreover, the 360° rotation minimizes the risk of lateral forces that can occur when lifting loads. This lifting equipment can be used for a variety of applications, from construction to logistics to shipping.

It is particularly important that a 360° rotatable swivel lifting point complies with the corresponding safety standards, has a sufficient load capacity for the intended load, and is adequately tested. The in-house test laboratory of Ketten Wälder GmbH, certified by Lloyd's Register, tests cromox® products up to 160 tons.


What is a swivel lifting point and what is it used for?

A swivel lifting point is a mechanical stopping device used in lifting technology. It consists of a swivel part that can rotate 360°, and a stop point for attaching a load. The mobility allows the load to be rotated or swiveled during the lifting process without twisting or additionally loading the supporting chains.

Swivel lifting points are used wherever loads are to be lifted and/or rotated, transported and positioned. They are frequently found in commercial, construction, logistics, and many other areas where heavy loads need to be moved. They are an important part of cranes, lifting gear and other lifting devices.

What is the load capacity of swivel lifting points?

The load capacity of a swivel lifting point refers to the maximum weight that the lifting point can safely carry or hold. This is a value that must not be exceeded to ensure safety during lifting operations. The load capacity of a specific swivel lifting point can vary depending on various factors, such as the material from which the swivel is made, its size and shape, and last but not least its construction. They can carry loads from a few hundred kilograms up to several tons.

The swivel lifting points from cromox® have a load capacity of up to 10 tons. In general, the load capacity increases with the increase in design dimensions, thread length, and weight. The individual load capacities are evident in the product table. The last numbers in the product designation indicate the load capacity. For example, the swivel lifting point CDAW-05 has a load capacity of 0.5 tons, the product CDAW-5 a load capacity of 5 tons.

It is important that you follow the specific manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the swivel lifting point is suitable for the load you want to lift.

Where are the swivel lifting points manufactured?

The cromox® products are manufactured by Ketten Wälder GmbH on over 5,500 m² of production space in Bad Endorf, Upper Bavaria, and distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. An in-house testing laboratory, certified by Lloyd's Register, tests the products up to 160 tons.

For over 75 years, the 100% owner-managed company works daily to make the requirements of its customers its own goals. The pursuit of perfection is just as much a part of its goals as quality and agility. With a combination of excellence and progress, Ketten Wälder significantly shapes the market with high-quality products "Made in Germany".

What does the quality grade mean for swivel lifting points?

The quality grade of the lifting points refers to the load capacity of these components. It is a classification that determines the load that a swivel lifting point can safely withstand.

This classification also contains information about the material quality of the product. There are different standards for swivel lifting points, depending on the industry and region.

It is important that users know the industry-specific requirements to ensure that they select the right components for their application.

Swivel lifting points made of stainless-steel: quality and functionality for high loads

Our rotating cromox® swivel lifting points made of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel (inox steel) offer the quality and flexibility you need for your individual application. Whether you need to lift, rotate or turn heavy loads.


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