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Stainless steel conveyor chains CFK and CFX by cromox® -
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cromox® stainless steel conveyor chains CFK and CFX 
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The stainless steel conveyor chains from the brand cromox® are outstanding examples of the quality and precision embedded in the development and manufacturing by Ketten-Wälder. These shot-peened conveyor chains of grade 60 are specifically designed for demanding applications, offering an unbeatable combination of durability and corrosion resistance. Available in the CFK and CFX sub-series, these chains provide the best conditions for use under extreme loads.

The smaller CFK conveyor chains are made of stainless steel AISI 316L, while the larger CFX chain diameters are distinguished by duplex stainless steel AISI 318LN for even higher loads. The calibrated chain links are manufactured within tight tolerances, thoroughly tested, and thus offer the highest precision and reliability. The conveyor chains can be electropolished upon request to achieve even better surface quality and additional corrosion resistance.

Our CFK series range includes chain sizes from 6 mm with a pitch of 27.5 mm to 16 mm with a pitch of 56 mm, while the CFX series offers chain sizes from 18 mm with a pitch of 63 mm to 26 mm with a pitch of 91 mm. The breaking strength of these conveyor chains ranges from 36 kN to 580 kN, making them ideal for a variety of conveying applications. These stainless steel conveyor chains are manufactured according to DIN 32895 and are available in all desired lengths. Detailed technical information such as the self-weight of the chains can be found in the respective individual descriptions.

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Stainless Steel Products by cromox

cromox® stainless steel products

The stainless steel products from cromox® stand for top-notch quality and the guarantee of "Made in Germany." Developed from years of research and development at Ketten-Wälder, these products meet the highest standards of various regulations and norms. Our in-house testing laboratory, certified by the Lloyds Register, ensures that all our stainless steel products undergo stringent quality controls as described in the respective standards. The individual chain links of the CFK and CFX conveyor chains according to DIN 32895 are marked with the manufacturer’s name, the grade, and a traceability code. The respective standards for cromox® stainless steel products also include instructions for users, such as mandatory testing procedures and their intervals. The cromox® products are delivered with a test certificate as standard.

Applications and uses of stainless steel conveyor chains

The excellent properties of the high-quality stainless steels used make these chains ideal for demanding applications. The shot-peened stainless steel offers a refined surface that is not only visually appealing but also increases resistance to environmental influences. This makes such stainless steel conveyor chains indispensable in demanding conveyor technology. They are used in many industries, including the food, automotive, and chemical industries.

Their corrosion resistance makes them essential for transporting aggressive chemicals, acids, and alkalis, while the shot-peened and further electropolished surface provides the best conditions for the hygienic requirements of the food and feed industry. With the calibrated feature, you are assured that the chains are precisely manufactured and tested within tight tolerances to meet the highest demands of complex conveyor systems.

Standards and materials for cromox® stainless steel conveyor chains


Our conveyor chains comply with the DIN 32895 standard, which prescribes high-quality and safety standards. DIN 32895 defines technical requirements for round steel chains, specifically developed and manufactured for use as conveyor chains. It sets binding standards for dimensions, material properties, testing procedures, and labeling of these chains. This ensures safety, reliability, and functionality in practical use. The standard defines various nominal widths of chain links, for which the corresponding dimensions such as inner diameter, outer diameter, pitch, weight, and load capacity are specified. The standard also defines mandatory testing procedures to ensure the quality and safety of the chains, including tensile tests, bending tests, and breaking tests.


The stainless steel AISI 316L used is characterized by its high load-bearing capacity. This austenitic steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It is one of the most commonly used stainless steels and is applied in various industries. AISI 316L has a smooth surface and is food-safe. The addition of molybdenum makes it resistant to chloride corrosion, well-resistant to acids and alkalis, and thus ideal for use in aggressive environments.

Duplex stainless steel AISI 318LN stands out with even higher strength and improved corrosion resistance. This steel combines the advantages of austenitic and ferritic steels and is particularly resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. Thus, this duplex steel AISI 318LN is often used in shipbuilding for hulls and other load-bearing components, as it meets both high strength requirements and the aggressive conditions of seawater.

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