NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl
NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

cromox® pump chains -
highest quality made of stainless-steel

cromox® pump chains made of stainless-steel

The cromox® stainless-steel pump chains are widely used in the chemical industry, food industry and water management, where they are used in environments with high temperatures or come into contact with corrosive liquids. The water industry in particular places the highest demands on the strength and corrosion resistance of pump chains. In this industry, people like to resort to the offers of cromox® stainless pump chains in order to equip themselves with a tested and first-class quality. The stainless cromox® pump chains are completely manufactured and tested in Germany.

Our welded pump chains (material: AISI 316L/AISI 318LN) correspond to grade 60 and are available in many sizes and variants. We offer the pump chains with a load capacity between 0.20 and 15.00 tons. The standard length of the segments between the master links is 1,000mm and 2,000mm for chain sizes 22mm and 26mm. Please refer to the tables for the dimensions and load capacity of the respective elements.

cromox® INOX-/NiRo-Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl
Thalham-Wasserspeicher mit NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

Special designs on request

Please contact us at any time if you are interested in special designs. We will be happy to manufacture a pump chain with special end fittings, suspension links or alternative segment lengths. The stainless cromox® pump chains are composed as standard of base part (L1 = length approx. 1 m/2 m + one additional suspension link) and attachment part (L2 = length approx. 1 m/2 m). Alternatively, they are available as special design in combination with, for example, a 2-leg part with shackle. Many sizes are also available in duplex.

cromox® stainless pump chains - general information

With a cromox® stainless pump chain, you receive a high-quality sling that has been manufactured by butt welding in compliance with all standards and requirements. The small-link pump chains are specially designed for use in water management. A pump chain is equipped with the typical enlarged suspension links for the gradual raising and lowering of pumps and equipment. These are located at the beginning and end of the chain as well as after or between the segments. Our stainless-steel pump chains demonstrate first-class performance - even under the most challenging conditions. The requirements for hygienic properties, such as food safety in drinking water production, are matched by requirements for corrosion resistance, even under chemical influences, when used in the wastewater sector or in sewage treatment plants.

In water management, pumps play an important role in the treatment of drinking water and wastewater and in the irrigation of fields and plants. Pump chains help keep pumps running and ensure water supply and irrigation.

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