NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl
NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

cromox® stainless-steel lifting points -
highest quality from Upper Bavaria

Corrosion-resistant cromox® attachment points

The corrosion-resistant cromox® lifting points convince with highest quality features, whether swivel lifting eyebolts (available as standard version or as PPE/personal protective equipment), rotatable lifting swivels or weldable lifting points. The high corrosion resistance and fatigue strength of the lifting points are ensured by the selected material.

The rust and acid resistant stainless-steel shows a high load capacity for all attachment points and is 100% crack tested. The swivel lifting eye screws CDS-PSA are certified as personal protective equipment and tested according to the decisive German and European standards. The attachment swivels are tested as a type according to EN-1677-1 and comply with grade 60 (like all stainless-steel cromox® attachment points). For the dimensions and load capacity of the various products, please refer to the information in the tables.

The use of attachment points in industry

An attachment point serves as a connection point between the load and the sling to ensure stable and safe transportation or securing of objects of various sizes and weights. Attachment points are used in various industries where loads need to be lifted or transported, such as the construction industry, chemical industry, maritime offshore industry or wind energy industry.

Stainless-steel attachment points are of great importance for occupational safety and must comply with certain standards and regulations to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Companies are required by law to ensure that attachment points are properly selected, installed and maintained. This is to ensure the safety of employees and others who may be affected by work activities.

Type tests and standards

The screwable or weldable cromox® attachment points and attachment swivels are characterized by the use of duplex stainless-steel, a material that is especially resistant to corrosive environments such as acids, salts or moisture. The swivel lifting points of Ketten Wälder GmbH are type-tested in accordance with EN 1677-1, a European standard that defines the requirements for testing attachment points and specifies the test procedures. The test procedures include static tensile strength testing, fatigue testing and durability testing. Type testing is used to ensure the quality and reliability of the attachment point before it is placed on the market and used.

The swiveable, stainless-steel cromox® eyebolts meet the requirements of DIN EN 795, DIN CEN/TS 16415 and DIN EN 50308 standards to ensure maximum safety and durability under demanding conditions of use. DIN EN 795 specifies the requirements for fixed attachment devices and temporary attachment points for the use of personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE). This standard ensures that attachment points and attachment swivels have sufficient load-bearing capacity, stability and reliability to hold persons and loads safely. In addition, the technical specification DIN CEN/TS 16415 for attachment devices for simultaneous use by several persons applies. This lists the requirements, the test method and the test equipment that the manufacturing company must provide in addition to the marking and other information.

DIN EN 50308 regulates the requirements for the safety of wind turbines, including stainless-steel attachment points and attachment swivels used for maintenance and servicing. The standard lists the conditions to ensure that lifting gear and attachment points can withstand the special requirements and loads, even in offshore wind turbines, and that the safety of employees is guaranteed. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of these components is essential to maintain their integrity and functionality and to keep workplace safety at the highest possible level.

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