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cromox® stainless steel swivel eye bolts - PPE anchor points - meet the highest safety requirements

Anchor points used in personal protective equipment (PPE) must meet the highest safety requirements. These anchor points protect one or more people working at great heights. This can include cleaning, assembly or rescue work. The PPE anchor points must be installed in suitable attachment points. We offer rotating eye bolts as PPE anchor points, which are threaded for installation in a corresponding mating thread. The stainless steel PPE anchor points from cromox® are made from high-quality, tested materials. They meet the requirements of DIN EN 795:2012 and the regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). The ring body and the screw part are 100% crack-tested.

Like all cromox® products, the corrosion-resistant PPE anchor points are characterized by their excellent quality. The reliability, durability and load-bearing capacity of these stainless steel anchor points prove themselves particularly under aggressive environmental influences. In this selection, we present rotating eye bolts in various dimensions that can be used to secure a maximum of two or three people. Please refer to the individual descriptions for the exact technical specifications, e.g. size, weight and material. The metric threads of the eyebolts range from M12x22 to M16x200.

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Areas of application for PPE anchor points

The DGUV distinguishes between permanent and temporary anchorage devices. In all cases, they must be sufficiently dimensioned. They must be connected to the respective surface in such a way that they can withstand the loads or dissipate the forces that occur. Fall protection systems are regularly used in the construction industry and for cleaning buildings, but are also used in industry, trade and mountain rescue services. Binding regulations on the type and conditions for their use can be found in the German Occupational Health and Safety Act, in building law and in accident prevention regulations. A special PPE usage ordinance regulates the provision of personal protective equipment by employers and its use by employees.

Fall protection should be implemented according to the so-called TOP principle. "Technical protective measures" include, for example, guardrails or permanently installed roof safety devices. They have priority over " Organizational safeguards" such as permanently installed protective devices. The "Personal protective measures" should only be used if neither of the first two protective measures can be set up or used. PPE anchor points such as the swivel eye bolts require a securely mounted mating thread to be used. This is often part of an organizational safety device. With their corrosion-resistant, high-quality stainless steel, they can then remain permanently mounted without their load-bearing capacity being jeopardized by atmospheric and climatic influences. Swivel eye bolts (PPE) must be visually inspected before use if they are used as part of temporary personal fall protection equipment (PPE).

Standards and materials for PPE anchor points

DIN EN 795:2012 generally regulates the technical conditions and requirements for personal fall protection equipment in Germany and Europe. This includes the corresponding anchorage devices such as the anchor points offered here. It specifies how and by whom the respective certifications must be carried out and what loads the equipment must withstand. It also contains definitions that clarify when individual anchor points are considered temporary or permanently attached to the ground. It must be possible to remove temporary anchor points without leaving any residue after use. An implementing decision by the EU Commission from 2015 describes temporary anchor points in more detail. Anchor devices that are held in place by their own weight are considered movable anchors and fall under the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.

The material for the swivel eye bolts as PPE anchor points

Like all stainless steel materials from the cromox® range, the PPE anchor points also meet all the requirements that should be placed on stainless steel. The material 1.4462 or AISI 318LN Duplex is an extremely high-quality duplex steel with the material number X2CrNiMoN22-5-3. Duplex stainless steels combine their austenitic-ferritic microstructure. The ferrite and austenite phases achieve high strength and resistance to stress cracking. The addition of molybdenum increases corrosion resistance to aqueous solutions and acids. The material proves to be less susceptible to pitting and has good resistance to both high and low temperatures. The nitrogen content in the AISI 318LN variant improves both strength and weldability.

This type of stainless steel is particularly valued for its corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments. The material is used in the relevant industrial sectors such as the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, as well as the food, construction and offshore industries. The PPE lifting points comply with grade 60, which is defined by certain requirements for stainless steel products. In lifting technology, for example, grade 60 is used for stainless steel lifting chains, hooks, load hooks, shackles and anchor points. These products are characterized by their high safety standards. However, products that are used for personal protective equipment may not be used for lifting loads. Ketten-Wälder tests the cromox® products in its own Lloyd's-certified test laboratory.

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