NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl
NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

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Precision Crafted Shackles for Maximum Performance by cromox®

The stainless-steel shackles and connecting links of the brand cromox® convince by their outstanding quality features. Among them you will find D-shackles, safety D-shackles, clevis shackles or quick connect shackles. These quality products are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel. All of them guarantee a high load capacity in a wide range of applications. Every single product is 100% crack-tested and complies with the relevant European and international standards. We issue a certificate for each of our tested cromox® products.

Stainless-steel shackles and connecting links from cromox® are the ideal choice for demanding applications that require high load capacity and durability. Especially in corrosive environments, as can occur in the chemical industry or in the maritime sector, the products of grade 60 or 80 prove their strength. The high-quality products are made of the materials 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) and comply with the standards EN 13889 or EN 1677-1. For the dimensions and the load capacity of the individual products, please refer to the information in the respective individual description.

The use of stainless-steel shackles and connecting links in industry

Stainless-steel shackles from cromox® are indispensable components for the safe and reliable transport of loads. The stainless-steel shackles serve as connecting elements between load and sling. They guarantee a stable and safe suspension. That is why they are the preferred choice in various industries such as construction, the chemical industry, the offshore sector and the wind energy industry. They ensure the absorption of tensile forces, e.g. during the transition from chains to fixed components. In addition, they are able to withstand dynamic loads.

Therefore, the highest demands are placed on cromox® stainless-steel shackles and connecting links. They meet the conditions of the relevant standards and regulations in order to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries. The cromox® stainless-steel shackles and connecting links are tested for their various properties in Ketten Wälder's Lloyd's Register-certified in-house test laboratory. They are valued worldwide for their reliability, corrosion resistance and durability.

Materials and standards

All stainless-steel products of the cromox® brand are made of high-quality materials. They meet the strict requirements of various standards to ensure maximum safety and durability. They are tested according to EN 13889 and ISO 2415, which ensures their quality and reliability.

Both standards specify test methods and requirements for shackles, which include static tensile strength as well as fatigue strength. They are also subject to the German statutory accident insurance DGVU, which specifies the use of work equipment.

Material 1.4404 (AISI 316L)

Material 1.4404 (AISI 316L) is a material number according to the European standard EN 10088 and corresponds to the steel type X2CrNiMo17-12-2. It is an austenitic stainless-steel that is often used in industry. The number 1.4404 stands for the material and the specific chemical composition of the material. This stainless-steel is corrosion resistant and has good mechanical properties.

AISI 316L refers to the American material designation according to the AISI standard (American Iron and Steel Institute). AISI 316L largely corresponds to the European material 1.4404 and is also an austenitic stainless-steel. The letter "L" stands for "Low Carbon" and indicates that the carbon content in the material is low to improve corrosion resistance.

Material 1.4462 (AISI 318LN)

The stainless-steel with the material number 1.4462 is characterised by a high corrosion resistance, which is particularly effective in acidic and chloride-containing media. Due to its austenitic-ferritic structure and its microstructure, 1.4462 has a higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking, which is superior to the resistance of simple austenitic steels. The nickel content of this stainless-steel is relatively low.

AISI 318LN also refers to the American AISI standard and corresponds roughly to the material 1.4462. This makes it a so-called duplex stainless-steel with high corrosion resistance. The duplex structure consists of ferrite and austenite phases, which ensure particularly high strength and good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. The chemical composition includes elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, carbon, nitrogen and manganese.

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