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cromox® stainless steel swivel lifting eye bolts CDS
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Like all cromox® products, the stainless steel lifting points from cromox® meet the highest requirements for the various areas of application. In this category, we offer you swivel lifting eye bolts that are installed at suitable anchor points. For this purpose, they are equipped with a thread that is screwed into a corresponding mating thread. The swivel lifting eye bolts from cromox® are available in various dimensions and with different load capacities between 0.5 and 1.0 tons. The load capacity is engraved in each case. Once fully screwed in, the swivel lifting eye bolt can be rotated through 360°. Order swivel lifting eye bolts with a thread diameter of 12 or 16 mm and a thread length of between 22 and 200 mm. The exact dimensions can be found in the respective individual description. We are happy to manufacture special sizes according to your requirements.

The excellent quality of the stainless steel eye bolts is proven by their high fatigue strength. This is guaranteed by a 100% crack test of the screw and the ring body. The high corrosion resistance of the eye bolts, even in aggressive environments, is ensured by the duplex steel AISI 318LN used. The material is tested in our own Lloyds-certified test laboratory and complies with the conditions of DIN EN 1677-1. If you are interested in swivel lifting eye bolts for personal protective equipment in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012, you will find them in a separate category.

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Areas of application for swivel lifting eye screws from cromox®

Swivel lifting eye screws from cromox® made of stainless steel with the duplex material AISI 318LN are special fastening elements. Due to their design, they enable the replacement or temporary installation of components. They are used in industries where high corrosion resistance, strength and reliability are required. They offer a robust and durable fastening solution for demanding applications. You can find out more about the material AISI 318LN in the next section "Materials and standards".

In mechanical and plant engineering, the swivel lifting eye bolts are used in machines and systems that require regular cleaning or operate in corrosive environments.

Here they are used to fasten machine parts that have to be moved or replaced frequently. In the construction industry, they are used in coastal regions or in areas with high humidity, where reliable corrosion resistance is required. In the food industry, they are valued for the food-safe properties of stainless steel. The offshore and shipping industries require corrosion-resistant properties for seawater usage. Seawater can have similar effects to those caused by the processing of aggressive substances in the chemical industry.

Standards and materials for the product cromox® swivel eye bolts

The swivel eye screws comply with the DIN EN 1677-1 standard. The entire DIN EN 1677 standard deals with forged components for slings in six parts. However, the specifications in this standard are not only binding for the manufacturers, but also apply to the users of the respective individual parts. They are required to use only those parts that comply with the standard. This standard specifies various requirements for individual parts for slings and the corresponding safety and describes the necessary properties. The standard also deals with the material quality and the corresponding chemical composition. The standard also clarifies the requirements for manufacture and surface finish. Various test methods are listed for testing the mechanical and other properties, such as the static tensile test and the fatigue test. The material must be labeled in accordance with the standard and a test certificate must be available.

The material for the rotating eye bolts from cromox®

The lifting points and associated individual parts from the cromox® series are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet all expectations of stainless steel. They are made from the material 1.4462 or AISI 318LN Duplex, a first-class duplex steel with the identification X2CRNiMON22-5-3. This duplex stainless steel is characterized by its special austenitic-ferritic microstructure. Thanks to the combination of ferrite and austenite phases, it offers high strength and resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Another advantage is the addition of molybdenum, which increases resistance to corrosion by liquids and acids.

This steel is particularly resistant to pitting corrosion and can withstand both high and low temperatures. The nitrogen content in the AISI 318LN model increases both the strength and the welding properties of the material. This particular stainless steel is valued for its excellent corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments. The cromox® lifting points meet the requirements of grade 60, a quality standard for stainless steel products. In lifting technology, this class is used for various stainlesssteel components such as chains, hooks and anchor points. These items are known for their high safety requirements.

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