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Stainless steel Swivel Load Hooks CWHF for direct chain connection - quality at the highest level

Stainless steel Swivel Load Hooks CWHF for direct chain connection - highest demands

The CWHF swivel load hooks by cromox® are made of stainless Duplex steel AISI 318LN. They are specifically designed for direct connection to lifting chains. A safety latch is made of the same material and ensures the secure attachment of loads or chains. These stainless steel hooks are available in various sizes and have a load capacity of 0.40 to 1.60 tons. They are suitable for chains with thicknesses from 4 mm to 8 mm. For specific dimensions such as the width of the hook opening and the weight of the hook, please refer to the relevant detailed descriptions. The sandblasted swivel hooks, standardized according to DIN 5688-1 and DIN EN 1677-2, can rotate 360° and adjust to the respective orientation of the load.

The stainless steel products from cromox® surpass even demanding requirements for durability and resistance. The Duplex steel AISL 318LN comes in grade 60 and provides maximum strength and superior corrosion protection. These swivel lifting hooks are used worldwide in various industries due to their reliability. Our in-house testing laboratory is certified by Lloyd's Register, where we subject hooks, shackles, and other lifting devices to regular tests. The entire range of these swivel hooks for lifting with stainless ball bearings can be found here on this page in the Ketten-Wälder online shop.

Swivel Load Hook
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Applications for swivel lifting hooks

Such a rotatable hook is perfect for chains and lifting equipment that require flexibility in positioning loads. The safety latch enhances the protection of the employed lifting means. The end of the chain is secured to the top of the hook with two Allen screws, thereby ensuring safety. However, galvanized steel commonly offered on the market does not meet the requirements for this kind of swivel chain hook. It is the Duplex quality stainless steel that makes these hooks indispensable for all lifting processes that demand strength, cleanliness, corrosion resistance, and stability against extreme temperatures.

For instance, the maritime and offshore industries must tailor their lifting gear and all used equipment to the corrosive effects of seawater and to sometimes low temperatures. Similar considerations apply to the chemical sector. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, Duplex steel AISL 318LN maintains high hygiene standards. In the field of rescue and recovery technology, the focus is on long-term strength and resistance to fatigue. The cromox® swivel lifting hooks, along with shackles and other lifting equipment, are also valued in the construction industry and in energy production for their quality.

Guidelines and materials for cromox® Swivel Lifting Hooks CWHF

The requirements for swivel hooks for lifting and other lifting equipment are strictly defined and must meet certain safety and performance criteria as set out in DIN EN 1677 and other relevant standards. The DIN EN 1677 standard provides the foundation in Germany and Europe for the production and use of these lifting devices, outlining guidelines for mechanical features and surface quality and defining associated testing methods. Both manufacturers and users must adhere to these standards to ensure safety and efficiency. The swivel lifting hooks are designed according to these norms and suitable for the intended areas of application.

According to DGUV regulations, lifting equipment and accessories must be inspected and possibly replaced at specified intervals. The DIN EN 1677 standard establishes criteria for hooks with safety latches used for installing lifting chains, ropes, and straps. Annual inspections of lifting devices and their accessories with visual checks are required by DGUV guidelines. Moreover, every three years, crack inspections and load tests must be conducted. Post-production checks are carried out in the in-house laboratory of Ketten-Wälder.

The stainless steel AISI 318LN duplex

The Duplex stainless steel AISI 318LN is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Its properties are enhanced by the addition of molybdenum to combat aggressive substances and temperature fluctuations. This steel, with the chemical designation X2CRNiMON22-5-3, is especially resistant and easy to weld due to its high nitrogen content.

The cromox® products exhibit an excellent balance between lightness and load capacity. High standards are applied to all cromox® stainless steels, especially in the field of lifting technology and related accessories. Each delivery includes the corresponding inspection certificates and certificates.

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