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cromox® stainless steel clevis shackle CGS-
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cromox® stainless steel clevis shackle CGS
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The “cromox® clevis shackles CGS” are a typical example of theoutstanding quality and reliabilityof cromox® stainless steel products. They are specially designed for demanding industrial applications. They are recognized worldwide for their unsurpassed durability and reliability. Each clevis shackle in this range is made from high-quality duplex stainless steel AISI 318LN, which is known for its exceptional strength, load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance. The cromox® clevis shackles are available in various sizes and load capacities (W.L.L.). Please select the shackles that meet your specific lifting and handling requirements.

The range of stainless steel clevis shackles CGS includes models for chain sizes from 4 mm to 18 mm. The shackles are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 13889. The guaranteed load capacity of these shackles ranges from 0.40 tons to 8 tons, while the dead weight of the shackles varies between 0.06 kg and 1.85 kg. Please refer to the respective product descriptions on this pagefor detailed technical data and information on the dimensions, such as diameter, pitch or opening width of the shackles.

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What are stainless steel clevis shackles?

Clevis shackles are essential connecting elements in lifting and conveying technology and are used to transfer tensile forces between the load and the lifting gear, such as a chain. Their special shape, which is reminiscent of a fork, enables a flexible and secure connection. Clevis shackles are particularly suitable for applications where precise alignment of the load is required. They offer a high degree of mobility and are therefore ideal for complex lifting operations. The “cromox® clevis shackles CGS” are secured against loosening with bolts and split pins. Suitable pins and split pins can be found in the description of the individual products.

Clevis shackles from cromox®

The clevis shackles from cromox® represent Ketten-Wälder's many years of experience and research in the field of stainless steel production. They are manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN EN 13889 to meet the highest safety standards. This standard defines the requirements for design, dimensions, tolerances and test methods, including tensile and breaking load tests as well as resistance to chemical influences. The cromox® products are tested in our own test laboratory, certified by Lloyd's Register. They are known for their high corrosion resistance, durability and load-bearing capacity. Accordingly, they are used in all industries that need to guarantee maximum reliability even under extreme conditions. These include the offshore sector, the chemical industry and the food industry.

Clevis shackles as lifting gear or load-bearing equipment

Clevis shackles are indispensable in lifting and conveying technology. They create a safe and stable connection between the lifting gear and the load, ensuring a safe lifting process. Their unique shape enables precise alignment and distribution of the load, making them particularly suitable for complex lifting tasks. Like all lifting gear, clevis shackles must also undergo regular inspections to guarantee safety and functionality. The requirements for this are set out in standards such as EN 12195, ISO 2415 and DGUV Rule 100-500.

Material AISI 318LN

Duplex stainless steel AISI 318LN is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength. These properties are achieved through the unique combination of ferrite and austenite phases, which provide high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. This type of steel is particularly resistant in acidic and chloride-containing environments, making it ideal for use in the chemical industry, in the maritime sector and in other demanding environments. The chemical composition of AISI 318LN includes elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen, which together achieve an optimum balance between strength and corrosion resistance.

The “cromox® clevis shackles CGS” made from this stainless steel are therefore not only known for their corrosion resistance, but also for their ability to function reliably under extreme conditions. They are both suitable for low temperatures and heat-resistant, which underlines their versatility in various applications. With their robust construction and stringent quality controls, cromox® clevis shackles offer a reliable and safe solution for demanding lifting and materials handling tasks.

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