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cromox® Stainless-steel Swivel Load Hooks with Bracket CWHB -
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cromox® Stainless-steel Swivel Load Hooks
with Bracket CWHB - Highest demands

The stainless-steel cromox® Swivel Hook CWHB is made of the best stainless steel. The material used is 1.4462 or AISI 318LN Duplex. The hooks are equipped with a rotating bracket. A safety latch made of the same material prevents the suspended load or chain from falling out. These hooks are an essential accessory for lifting and are available in different sizes. They have an according load capacity from 0.63 t to 2.50 t. Their dimensions make them suitable for chains from 4 mm to 10 mm. Please refer to each individual description for exact dimensions and technical details. The blasted swivel hooks of grade 60 largely comply with the DIN EN 1677-2 standard. They can be rotated 360° and can therefore be adjusted to the position of the load.

Like all stainless-steel products from cromox®, these swivel hooks meet the highest standards in terms of fatigue strength and durability. All over the world, users from a wide range of industries rely on the reliability of these hooks and use them as high-quality accessories under the most adverse conditions. Their outstanding corrosion resistance is ensured by the use of duplex steel AISI 318LN which is durable in aggressive environments too. At Ketten-Wälder we carry out the prescribed test procedures and test series for hooks, shackles, chain slings and other lifting equipment in our own test laboratory. The laboratory is regularly certified by Lloyd's Register. If you are interested in the swivel hook with a stainless-steel ball bearing, which can also rotate under full load, you can find it in this shop under the name cromox® Swivel Load Hooks CWHB.

cromox® Drehwirbelhaken mit Bügel

Applications for swivel hooks with bracket

Stainless-steel swivel hooks with brackets are suitable as accessories for chains or chain slings with appropriate load capacity that require a certain degree of flexibility in the position of the load. The safety latch increases the safety of the suspended load. The swivel bracket serves as a connecting element that allows a certain degree of mobility. It is not designed for continuous rotation. The material used for cromox® swivel hooks makes them indispensable for all industrial sectors with demanding lifting tasks. This is especially true for applications where hygiene, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance are paramount.

For example, the maritime and offshore industries need to adapt their lifting equipment and accessories to the aggressive properties of seawater and the sometimes low temperatures. The same applies to the chemical industry. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, duplex steel AISI 318LN can be used to maintain high hygiene standards. In the automotive industry or for rescue and recovery equipment, the reliability of fatigue strength without signs of fatigue is in the foreground. The cromox® swivel hooks, eyebolts, shackles and other accessories are also appreciated in the construction industry or in power generation due to their good properties.

Standards and materials for cromox® Swivel Hooks with Bracket CWHB

Load hooks and other lifting equipment must meet certain specified requirements. They must have properties that meet the safety requirements of the DGUV and the legal regulations. In Germany and Europe, DIN EN 1677 serves as the basis for the manufacture and use of such slings. It summarizes the requirements for mechanical properties and surface quality and defines the necessary test procedures. It is crucial that not only manufacturers comply with these specifications. Users are also obliged to use only such slings and associated accessories. They must use them in such a way that the specifications are met.

In addition, there are regular tests and inspections that must be carried out on slings at certain intervals. The swivel hooks with grade 60 are manufactured similarly to DIN EN 1677-2 and are suitable for the corresponding applications. This second part of the standard deals with hooks with safety latch for attaching chain slings, sling ropes and lifting belts. Slings and accessories must be inspected annually in accordance with DGUV regulations. A new crack test and a test load with visual inspection must be carried out every three years. As already mentioned, Ketten-Wälder carries out the test procedures after manufacture in its own test laboratory.

The 1.4462 or AISI 318LN Duplex Material

With its austenitic-ferritic microstructure, this high-quality duplex stainless steel is designed for maximum performance in corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. The high resistance to stress corrosion cracking especially in aggressive liquids and acids is enhanced by the addition of molybdenum. This stainless steel, with material code X2CRNiMON22-5-3, also has good resistance to temperature variations. It also has a high nitrogen content, which increases both the weldability and the strength of the duplex steel.

The cromox® products meet the requirements of grades 60 or 80. These quality standards for the material quality of stainless steel differ primarily in the ratio of dead weight to load-bearing capacity. Both grades of this stainless steel are used in cromox® products for slings and all associated accessories in lifting technology. Test certificates are supplied with your order or are available on request in the case of test certificate EN 10204 - 3.1.

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