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NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

cromox® hoist and hoist trolley -
first-class stainless-steel

cromox® hoist and hoist trolley – made of stainless-steel

The cromox® hoist and hoist trolley are typical examples of the high quality and reliability of all stainless-steel products from cromox®. They are made of first-class stainless-steel with the materials AISI 316L or AISI 318LN in grade G60. These products are specifically designed for use in corrosive environments and high humidity areas. They are designed for manual operation. Hoist and hoist trolley meant to be used together.

The product line includes various models that differ in dimensions and performance. For example, there are the cromox® hoists CCH-63, CCH-100 and CCH-200, which are designed for lifting capacities from 0.63 t up to 2.0 t. These models offer a standard lifting height of 3.0 m and are equipped with a stainless-steel hand chain of 1.5 m length. The cromox® hoist trolleys CHT-63, CHT-100 and CHT-200 achieve correspondingly suitable lifting capacities.

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What is a hoist?

A hoist is a manually operated lifting device used to lift loads vertically. It offers high corrosion resistance thanks to the stainless-steel. This works against moisture as well as extreme temperatures and many chemical influences. Corresponding to a pulley block or hoist, the manually applied force is amplified by the course of the chain in this chain hoist. A built-in brake unit prevents uncontrolled lowering of the load. The cromox® hoist is the world's first stainless-steel chain hoist, designed and manufactured entirely in Germany.

What is a hoist trolley?

While the chain hoist is only used to lift a load vertically, a hoist trolley, is also used for horizontal movement. The cromox® hoist trolley is therefore a device used in combination with a hoist to move loads along a rail or beam. For joint use with the chain hoist, the hoist trolleys are also designed for load capacities from 0.63 t to 2.0 t. A hoist trolley is convenient because the load can be moved to different positions in the room without having to reposition the hoist. All components and the accessories such as pocket wheels or load chain are made of the same high-quality stainless-steel in the cromox® trolleys and thus offer the same corrosion resistance and durability as the chain hoist..


Features and benefits of cromox® hoist and hoist trolleys

The cromox® hoists and hoist trolleys offer numerous advantages that make them a preferred choice for many industrial and workshop applications. Their high corrosion resistance allows them to be used even in aggressive environments. The use of high-quality materials ensures their durability and reliability. Thus, they are suitable for use in rooms with up to 100% humidity. The products are also characterized by their suitability for use in clean rooms. This is ensured by the sealed brake and gear unit. The rotatable hook mount and load hook, even under full load, provide additional flexibility and safety when lifting and moving loads at full lifting height. The cromox® hoists and hoist trolleys set standards in the industry with tested conformity to DIN EN 13157. You can get individual chain lengths on request. For the features of the different models, please refer to the respective individual description. There you will find the exact technical dimensions, the tare weight and the customs tariff number.

What is the difference between a hoist and a lifting device?

The two terms are often used synonymously in everyday use, but also by various suppliers. However, this is not accurate. Lifting device is the more general term. A hoist, on the other hand, is a specific type of lifting equipment used to raise or lower loads. The term lifting device is the collective name for a wide range of mechanical or hydraulic devices used to lift heavy loads. This includes the crane as well as the spur gear block and tackle, the wire rope hoist, the chain hoist, the cable winch or even the forklift. On the other hand, the chain hoist is a specific hoist that is operated with a chain or rope as an accessory. It is operated manually, by lever, electrically or hydraulically. The chain or rope is guided by rollers.

The material 1.4404 - AISI 316L, G60, tested according to EN 13157?

The material 1.4404 - AISI 316L, grade G60, is a high-quality stainless-steel known for its corrosion resistance, strength and durability. It is used in cromox® hoists and hoist trolleys and meets the requirements of EN 13157, a standard that specifies the safety requirements for hand-operated hoists and provides details of design criteria. This includes the dimensions, tolerances and other requirements for the lifting equipment. The cromox® products and accessories made of this stainless-steel are suitable for low temperatures as well as heat resistant. This underlines their versatility in various fields of application. The material used at Ketten-Wälder and the cromox® products themselves are tested in our in-house test laboratory and meet the highest standards. The test laboratory itself is certified by Lloyd's Register.

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