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Premium Load Hooks for Demanding Industries by cromox®

Ketten Wälder's cromox® brand products are characterised by the cromox® stainless-steel load hooks, reliability and durability. This includes the stainless-steel clevis hooks, eye hooks, safety load hooks or swivel hooks. The stainless-steel used for cromox® hooks meets the highest demands as the conditions of all current standards and regulations. Tested in our own Lloyd's Register certified test laboratory, the cromox® stainless-steel load hooks enjoy a excellent reputation worldwide. The stainless-steel load hooks are used in many industries. When ordering you will receive a certificate for all corrosion-resistant cromox® load hooks.

Especially in the offshore industry, the chemical industry, the wind energy sector and construction industry, safety in production depends on the reliability and durability of the load hooks as connection points between load and sling. The cromox® load hooks are available in many different sizes, including e.g. self-locking clevis hooks (CGSL) and self-locking eye hooks (COSL and QOSL). These load hooks comply with EN 1677-3 and are blasted. The CGSL hooks have load capacities from 0.63 t to 3.85 t in the standard range, while the COSL hooks reach from 0.63 t to 15.00 t. Grade 80 QOSL hooks offer load capacities from 0.80 t to 5.30 t as standard.

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The use of stainless-steel hooks in industry

Depending on the intended use and requirements, stainless-steel hooks from cromox® can be found in almost all industrial areas where it is important to lift, pull or transport loads safely. The loads are attached to the hook with a suitable sling. The cromox® weld-on hooks, clevis hooks and eye hooks differ as typical load hooks mainly by their attachment to the chains. As an addition, swivel hooks show the ability to rotate smoothly even under full load.

For transport, production or processing in acidic or maritime environments or especially in clean rooms, maximum corrosion resistance is essential. In these areas, cromox® products such as chains, slings and load hooks prove their worth day after day.

On our shop page you will find detailed information on the individual load hooks, including their load capacities and other technical data. Choose the right variant for your requirements and benefit from the first-class quality and durability of cromox® stainless-steel load hooks.

Materials and standards of the stainless-steel hooks from cromox®

With regard to the characteristics of the hooks, we offer you different groups, such as clevis hooks, eye hooks, weld-on hooks or swivel hooks. These are distinguished by their design, dimensions, load capacity (W.L.L.) and grade 60 or 80. The load hooks are made of rust and acid resistant stainless-steel (Duplex 1.4462 / AISI 318 LN) and are blasted to further improve their durability.

The hooks comply with the EN 1677-3 standard. All load hooks have a safety latch. These hooks contribute to occupational safety and must comply with certain standards and regulations to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries. Companies are required by law to ensure that hooks are correctly selected, installed and maintained to ensure the safety of employees and others.

Standards and certifications of the cromox® stainless-steel hooks

The cromox® stainless-steel hooks are manufactured according to the applicable European and international standards (e.g. similar to EN 1677-3). These standards define the requirements for the mechanical properties, the design and the testing of load hooks. They also specify how these tests are to be carried out. This ensures that stainless-steel load hooks have sufficient corrosion resistance, load capacity, stability and reliability to hold loads safely.
Compliance with these standards ensures the quality and reliability of the hooks before they are placed on the market and used. Thus, all load hooks, such as the weld-on hooks or swivel hooks of the cromox® brand are delivered with an inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204 on request.

Materials for the cromox® stainless-steel load hooks

The designation "Material 1.4462 - AISI 318LN, blasted and corrosion resistant" in the individual descriptions of the load hooks indicates that only extremely high-quality materials from the stainless steel group are processed. The term AISI 318LN comes as a material designation from the American AISI standard of the American Iron and Steel Institute. The similar material 1.4462 corresponds as a term to the material number according to the European standard EN 10088. As duplex stainless-steel, the material shows a particularly high corrosion resistance.
The contained ferrite and austenite phases give it high strength and good resistance to sulphide and chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking. Grade 60 places certain requirements on stainless-steel products, especially for lifting equipment. In lifting technology, this grade is used for stainless-steel lifting chains, hooks, load hooks, shackles and anchor points. These products are characterised by their corrosion resistance and high safety standards. Grade 80 also refers to the load capacity and corrosion resistance of lifting equipment, with grade 80 load hooks having a higher load capacity compared to grade 60 load hooks for the same weight.

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