NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl
NiRo Pumpenketten aus Edelstahl

cromox® D-shackle CSA
made of high quality stainless steel

The cromox® D-shackle CSA

The cromox® D-shackles CSA represent the outstanding quality of cromox® stainless-steel products. Designed for demanding applications, they are characterized by their unconditional reliability and durability. Each of these D-shackles is made of high quality stainless-steel 1.4404 - AISI 316L, which is known for its resilience, load capacity and corrosion resistance. Depending on the model, these stainless-steel slings are available in various dimensions and working load capacities (W.L.L.) to meet the diverse requirements of lifting and handling applications.

The offerings for the D-shackles from the CSA series include shackles for chain sizes from 4.0 mm to 26 mm and comply with DIN EN 13889. Accordingly, the respective guaranteed load capacity ranges from 0.40 tons to 16 tons. The dead weight of the various D-shackles ranges from 0.04 kg to 9.1 kg. Further details in the individual descriptions of the offers provide information on the technical dimensions such as diameter, pitch or the opening width of the shackle.

Der cromox D-Schäkel CSA (INOX/NiRo)
Hacken an D-Schäkel im Wasser

What are stainless-steel D-shackles?

D-shackles are essential connecting elements in lifting and conveying technology. They are used to absorb the tensile forces generated between the load to be lifted and the chain, e.g. of a crane. Shackles or, with another designation, malottes are thus used in many different applications as quickly replaceable connecting links or, in high-strength quality, also as slinging devices. The round shape of the D-shackle allows the suspended chains or ropes to move more easily.

Malottes are mostly made of steel or stainless steel. The normal steel is often protected from corrosion by galvanizing or similar methods. However, this method is not sufficient for slings and accessories used in stressful environments. In contrast, cromox® products are made of high quality stainless-steel and have a particularly high corrosion resistance. D-shackles made of this material are therefore ideal for applications in which they are exposed to extreme environmental influences such as frost and heat or even aggressive chemicals.

Stainless steel-shackles from cromox®

Stainless-steel of the brand cromox® stands for quality and reliability "Made in Germany". The slings from cromox® are the result of decades of experience and research by the Ketten-Wälder company. The D-shackles from cromox® are produced and tested according to DIN EN 13889. This standard specifies the safety requirements of such fasteners for general lifting purposes. DIN EN 13889 gives details of the design criteria, including dimensions, tolerances and other requirements. It also specifies the prescribed test methods.

These include the tensile test, the breaking load test and the notched impact strength test. In addition, other relevant tests for resistance to chemical influences are carried out. The cromox® stainless-steel products are tested in our in-house testing laboratory, which is certified by Lloyd's Register. The cromox® products are known for their high corrosion resistance, durability and their ability to function reliably even under extreme conditions.

D-Schäkel CSA mit Splint

D-shackles as slings or lifting gear

D-shackles are indispensable in lifting and conveying technology. They serve as a connecting element between the hoist and the load, ensuring a safe and stable connection throughout the lifting process. The name comes from their shape similar to the letter "D". They consist of a curved body with a straight pin or bolt inserted or screwed through the ends of the D-shaped body. The pin can be secured from slipping out in a variety of ways. D-shackles are used for many different purposes. However, special requirements apply to slings. Fasteners used as slings, like all accessories, must undergo regular testing to ensure safety and functionality. The respective requirements are described in standards such as EN 12195, EN 14492 or also the German DGUV rule 100-500.

Material 1.4404 - AISI 316L

Stainless-steel 1.4404, also known as AISI 316L, is known for its very good corrosion resistance and strength, which is improved by the addition of approx. 2% - 2.5% of molybdenum. It is particularly resistant to chloride corrosion. It also offers high resistance to many acids and alkalis, making it a preferred material in many industries, such as food, automotive and chemical. Its low carbon content compared to material 1.4401 allows for easier processing. Thus, the material 1.4404 is an austenitic steel with the chemical designation X2CRNiMo17-12-2. cromox® products made of this stainless steel are suitable for low temperatures as well as heat resistant up to 350 °C. This underlines their versatility in various applications.

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