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cromox® safety bow shackle CSSB
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These safety bow shackles are another example of the premium quality of cromox® stainless steel products offered by Ketten-Wälder. These shackles in grade 60 are specifically designed for demanding applications and are distinguished by their guaranteed durability and reliability. They are made from high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L, known for its excellent corrosion resistance, load-bearing capacity, and mechanical strength. The six available variants cover shackles for chain thicknesses from 4 mm to 13 mm and therefore offer a large selection for different requirements in the lifting and transportation sector.

The "CSSB safety bow shackle" product range includes models with a maximum load capacity of 0.40 to 3.85 tons and a dead weight of 0.04 kg to 1.07 kg. Please refer to the respective descriptions for the exact values of each model. Each shackle is secured with a split pin that is passed through a special opening, ensuring a secure connection and the possibility of exchanging loads. Compared to other models, these shackles offer increased safety and are ideally suited for semi-permanently secured loads under extreme conditions.

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About stainless steel bow shackles

The bow shape of the CSSB safety shackles allows for flexible movement and optimal force transmission from the load to the chain or rope of a lifting device. These shackles are suitable for changing loads thanks to their secure bolting system. Made from stainless steel, they are particularly resistant to corrosive influences and extreme environmental conditions, making them a preferred accessory in many industrial applications.

Unlike many conventional shackles, cromox® shackles are made from certified stainless steel rather than galvanized steel. Galvanized steel shows significantly reduced corrosion resistance, making it unsuitable for use in aggressive environments. In contrast, the reliability of cromox® products enjoys global recognition and is used for various demanding applications across different industries.

cromox® stainless steel products

cromox® stainless steel products represent true “Made in Germany” quality, developed through long-term research by Ketten-Wälder. These lifting devices meet the high standards of DIN EN 13889, which specifies designs, sizes, dimensions, safety standards, and testing procedures for connectors. The testing procedures include load tests, impact toughness, and tests for strength and fatigue resistance with specified testing forces.

The in-house testing laboratory of cromox® is certified by Lloyd's Register. In this lab, all cromox® products undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure their performance even under the harshest conditions. The specific regulations for these tests are found in standards such as EN 12195, EN 14492, or the DGUV Regulation 100-500. All cromox® products are routinely delivered with a corresponding test certificate, which is required for many applications.

Applications of bow shackles as lifting or carrying tools

Bow shackles are indispensable in lifting and conveying technology. They serve as robust connections between loads and lifting devices, with a special design featuring a bent body with a pin guided through the ends to ensure a secure anchoring of the load. Regular inspections according to EN 12195, EN 14492, and DGUV Regulation 100-500 "Operation of Load Lifting Attachments in Lifting Equipment Operation" are mandatory for operators of such lifting systems to ensure the lasting reliability and safety of these critical connecting elements.

In Germany, such lifting operations must be carried out according to this DGUV rule and may only be performed by individuals specifically assigned and qualified to handle lifting accessories. Industries that frequently use these shackles include mechanical engineering, the maritime industry, the automotive industry, as well as the construction and energy sectors. These shackles are also essential for the food industry due to their food-safe surface, allowing use under hygienic conditions. In all these sectors, the bow shackles are valued for their reliability and safety in handling heavy loads.

Stainless steel AISI 316L

Austenitic steel AISI 316L is distinguished by its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, making it ideal for demanding loads. The addition of approximately 2% molybdenum enhances its resistance to chloride corrosion, making it particularly resistant to acids and alkaline solutions.

With a lower carbon content compared to stainless steel AISI 316, AISI 316L also features good processability, including excellent weldability. Suitable for low temperatures, this polishable steel can theoretically be used at temperatures up to 550°C. In continuous operation, it remains resistant to intergranular corrosion due to its low carbon content. The cromox® stainless steel is designed to be perfectly suitable for the standard values of - 20° to + 200° C described in DIN EN 13889.

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