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cromox® Stainless-steel Clevis Hooks CGHF -
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cromox® Stainless-steel Clevis Hooks CGHF
- Excellent fatigue strength

As a genuine cromox® product, the stainless-steel clevis hooks have proven themselves thousands of times in many industrial sectors. They are ideal for lifting, transporting or handling heavy loads. Their function is absolutely reliable even under the most adverse conditions. The materials used and the careful manufacturing process ensure absolute reliability in their specified performance ranges. The grade 60 clevis hooks have a strong safety latch that prevents the load or chain from falling. These clevis hooks are therefore a high-quality and optimal solution for the safe attachment of heavy loads. The cromox® Clevis Hooks are available in different dimensions and with different load capacities. These range from 0.63 t to 2.45 t, depending on the hook. For detailed information, please refer to the individual description.

These stainless-steel hooks have excellent fatigue strength and corrosion resistance even in aggressive environments. Ketten-Wälder uses 1.4462 - AISI 318LN duplex stainless steel as the material for production. The load hooks are designed and tested according to DIN EN 1677-2 and its conditions. The test procedures for cromox® load hooks are carried out in Ketten-Wälder's own test laboratory. This laboratory is regularly certified by Lloyd’s Register. If you value excellent product quality for the highest safety requirements, CGHF stainless-steel clevis hooks are your best choice.

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Applications for cromox® stainless-steel clevis hooks

The combination of high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good weldability makes AISI 318LN duplex stainless steel a preferred material for load hooks in demanding industrial applications. Due to the excellent properties of duplex stainless steel, these hooks are very popular in the marine, oil and gas industries. Their corrosion resistance is particularly important in environments where they are exposed to salt water and other corrosive substances. They are used for lifting and securing loads on ships, in ports and offshore operations. In the oil industry, these hooks are used to move heavy equipment in harsh conditions.

The same applies to the chemical industry, which prefers cromox® clevis hooks for processing and the transport of aggressive substances. The construction industry relies on the strength, reliability and fatigue resistance of these hooks for moving and positioning heavy components. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, this grade of AISI 318LN duplex stainless steel is also highly regarded for its food-safe and general hygienic properties. Its resistance to chloride corrosion is particularly noteworthy, especially when compared to the capabilities of normal or galvanized steels. The safety latch of cromox® clevis hooks is also made of the same resistant material.

Standards and materials for cromox® Clevis Hooks CGHF

The six different sections of DIN EN 1677 deal with chain slings, chains, hooks and accessories that are subject to special loads. The requirements for the mechanics and load-bearing capacity are described, the test procedure outlined and the test intervals specified. For example, a crack test and a load test with inspection are required every three years. Property testing includes the static tensile test and a fatigue test. In addition, the requirements for production and surface quality are described. 

The cromox® Clevis Hooks CGHF are designed similar to the standard DIN EN 1677-2 and correspond to quality grade 60. This second part of DIN EN 1677 describes individual parts for lifting equipment and their safety. In particular, it deals with hooks with safety latch. It also deals with the mechanical properties of safety latches and the way in which hook dimensions are calculated. It should be noted that not only the manufacturers of these slings must comply with EN 1677, but also the users are obliged to use only products marked accordingly.

The material for cromox® stainless-steel hooks

Duplex stainless steel 1.4462 or AISI 318LN is a particularly high-quality steel that is suitable for many environments. The term "duplex" refers to its two-phase microstructure, which contains both ferritic and austenitic components. This combination gives it a number of beneficial properties that make it particularly suitable for special applications such as the manufacture of high-quality clevis hooks. The identification code for this material is X2CRNiMON22-5-3. Duplex steels are known for their high strength, which is higher than that of most conventional austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

The material AISI 318LN offers excellent resistance to many forms of corrosion, including stress corrosion cracking, pitting and crevice corrosion, which can be caused by aggressive substances and seawater, for example. Other properties of this molybdenum-added stainless steel include good ductility and toughness, which it retains even at low temperatures. This makes it suitable for applications in colder climates. The high fatigue resistance also allows this stainless steel to withstand frequently repeated loading. Despite its high strength, 1.4462 or AISI 318LN is easy to weld and forge, which is advantageous for the manufacture and assembly of additional elements such as the safety latch.

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